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Newmatic Biocomposites

Proyect 3 – Newmatic Biocomposites

Development of a new biocomposite that rivals carbon. Development of a new biocomposite based on bioresins derived from biomass and plant reinforcement fiber, in this case Linen. This new biocomposite has been developed by the parent company of Newmatic Marine Solutions S.l. in collaboration with the University of Vigo. All the development and the results seek to meet the objectives of the UN SDGs of decarbonizing the industry and promoting a more sustainable development in all phases of production and obtaining of raw materials. Currently the biocomposite and its characterization are in the market phase with which high value products are being manufactured for the naval industry, providing a viable and ecological substitute for carbon fiber. Promoter of the project Newmatic Marine Solutions S.L. hybrid private financing and regional funds within the ViaGalicia program.

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