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About us

NWM Strategies

NWM Strategies is an I + D + I consultancy, founded in 2014 by Aaron Casado Medeiros (current CEO of the company) who has more than 15 years of experience in the naval and industrial sector. We are located in Galicia, but our scope of work covers all of Europe.

Our objective is to help our clients to opt in a more efficient way to the I + D + I financing programs but from an INNOVATION 360 perspective, that is, we accompany our clients from the creation of the first idea of the project, passing for the formation of consortiums, drafting of the proposal, sending it to the relevant public authority, coordination and justification of the project and its controls until closing.

NWM Strategies is made up of a team of multidisciplinary project managers who take as a reference the P.M.I. (Project Manager Institute). This team is focused on managing all our projects from a clear, organized and honest point of view, valuing communication with the client above all else.


All our proposals pursue a single goal, to be the best version of themselves.


We never forget business ethics and morals.


We treat each and every one of our projects with the illusion that the client transmits to us.


We value above all that communication is clear, rigorous and efficient.



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